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Vs. [TSA]

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Vs. [TSA]
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Force Sensitive
Force Sensitive

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Played: Dan83, Jackl86, Joeoodhed, Enda, Che-Gunvara, Mystakeadale

Map: Strike
Round 1: MuT 3 - TSA 4
Round 2: MuT 4 - TSA 0
Round 3: MuT 4 - TSA 2

Round One:
Games with TSA are always close, and this one was no exception. they piled on the pressure in the first round, taking it in turns to win rounds untill the 7th where it was a heated battle for the plant for us, and defuse for TSA, they defused with 11 secondes to go, only because dale forgot to reload is his P90 ? so as he was about to kill the dude defusing... Well, you can picture the rest ...

In the words of ultra


Round Two:
We tuck them for everything they had put the pressure back on and won 4 with out letting them feel the power of a win !

Round Three
Round three saw a loss power for my head set so, and had to play the the round com-less, me and jack had used msn before the game started to play our attack
so i knew what i was doing, and did it the rest was really up to the others
and they played there parts perfectly, only loosing 2 rounds due "Random Chuck"

Random Chuck: is a grande witch is throne at random and kill some one
In my case at a tree so it bounces off and back at me ... and then i die ...

Map: Overgrown
Round 1: MuT 4 - TSA 3
Round 2: MuT 0 - TSA 4
Round 3: MuT 4 - TSA 2

Round One:
Pretty much the same as round one on strike, trading the wins back and forth until it was down to jack & his trusty pistol Wink

Round Two:
Bit of a shit start, Enda got D/C'ed an couldn't get back on Due to "Downloading Game Settings" & Dales PS3 was playing up and kept turning off and on, We tried to keep it within our grasp but fell sort when they just ran at us every round, we just couldn't get a shot in, so we lost that one, nothing more to it .


Round Three:
This is where it gets interesting, 4 Vs 6 you'd think it was all over
WRONG, we keep our cool planing everything as we went, only losing 2 rounds
came down to the wire we used our heads, last round all or nothing, in the previous round i sniped 3 of the fuckers and napped me a UAV, waited a minuet for them to get into position and boom there they where all around and about A i tuck my M40A3 out and BOOM HEAD SHOT that fucker at the back of B, joe & Che attacked at A to give them the run around, me and jack succored B, i planted the bomb, planted some claymores before the timer even got to 30 the last man on there team was dead.

There you have it, 2 men down and still managed to win
I didn't believe it at first but when you use your head, focus, you can beat anyone!

Over all score
MuT 2 - TSA 0

Thank you for reading this Daniel Brooks clan match report


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Jedi Master

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Well played guys, even shorthanded. Nice result and a nice report


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Force Sensitive
Force Sensitive

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fucking nice one! i am sorry again that i ran into trouble. was so fucking pissed because it was actually a good enjoyable game (for once lol)

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Jedi Initiate

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to be fair games with these guys are always ok, imo there seems to be a kind of profesional courtasy like whan our 2 dropped out dutch was askin me why so i told him an he was like oh right jus wondered if everythin was ok, which u dont get from many clans

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