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MaD vs cnk - Dec 28th 2006 - 1st map only

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MaD vs cnk - Dec 28th 2006 - 1st map only
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Jedi Guardian
Jedi Guardian

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Post MaD vs cnk - Dec 28th 2006 - 1st map only Reply with quote
Citadel-mad choose seals.
This was a match that cnk werent exactly looking forward to and a damn hard first map it was too.
This was a match played in true rnb style-due to the high number of tech issues currently being experienced by the pikeys on both sides it was decided beforehand that any dc would result in the round being null and void. It was all about the crack rather than win at all costs!!
the first round was somewhat cagey until wingdog decided to charge at precisely the same time i did.
we met, we sprayed, we sponged (a fucking lot lol) we both died after about 4 clips.Then ultra and crick sat and masterbated for the draw in their spawns.
The next rd saw crick taken out early and cnk set up shop and waited for wing to head for the roof (which is exactly what we wanted) and get shot in the back on the way up.
Next round cnk lost ultra early and it seemed like mad were about to claw their way back into things but a lucky shot on wing followed by a good shot and a lot of sponginess from dope saw cnk take another round.
The next rd also went to cnk and unfortunately a little bit of overconfidence crept into cnks play .we camped in the spawn waiting for them so we could grenade them. someone popped up-i grenaded and ultra (like the dog that he is) decided to play fetch.A quick m14 burst from wing and it was 3-1 game on again.
The next 3 rounds all went mads way and it has to be said it looked like there was going to be no stoppin mad.4-3 up and 2 rounds to play.
The next rd was one that we couldnt lose but it didnt look too good when wing blasted me with his trusty m14 (3 fuckin years of socom and its still the only fuckin gun he knows how to use)
At this point cnk were staring down the barrel of defeat until something strange happened-ultra-who up to this point was the c in cnk suddenly became the u in FUCK U-taking out wing and crick in quick succession.And lo dopefiend did give praise to the lord for it had been many a year since a miracle had been witnessed in these parts.4-4! and game on
The deciding rd in this map started as a gay campathon until mad decided to edge forward - crick high on the right and wing under the arch and it was a cruel twist of fate that then befell mad as wing had assumed a great position from which he could maul cnk, he forgot that fat americans have big feet!!We spotted the offending foot and a grenade was thus dispatched-bye wing.
Knowing that mad have their tvs side by side the plan then became for me to stay exposed to lure crick in while ultra lurked in the shadows (great plan cos ultra really knows how to lurk altho its usually outside playgrounds). Crick then charged in as expected only to be hit with possibly the luckiest headshot since lee harvey oswald. 5-4 to cnk
All in all a fuckin great game-2 great comebacks-good crack and played in the right spirit and even though cnk are now a map up this match is sure to be a long way from being over.
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Force Sensitive
Force Sensitive

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When is the remainder of the match to be played?

And Paddy, why can't you just be simple and play all the maps at once?
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